Sandro Kopp’s « New Abstracts » at RG Gallery

Night on Earth, at the RX Gallery Marais more precisely, to rediscover the vibrant and poetic world of @sandrokopp. Surrounded by powerful orange waves, bodies and minds were connected to dreams, visions and fantasies, moving like white shadows on a red and yellow ocean, metamorphosing itself following the ebb and flow of Sandro Kopp’s inspiration. 

Thank you so much Sandro for this kind invitation and for such an artistic night. We are so blessed and grateful to Denise @wendelporay for her warm and nice welcome. After a sweet evening at the Palais des Lumières during Cannes Festival and far beyond the words, it was a true pleasure and honor to see again our dearest @swinton.tilda .Positive vibes have been exchanged with  @alimahdaviparis@louboutinworld@yasminehamdan@leopoldinehd@mrlarsparis@harrisonwakley and @marcellofarabegoli 

Congratulations Sandro for these hours full of grace and creativity. Bravo to Denise Wendel-Poray and RX Gallery team. Photographies by our dear Jin Yang / @3mushroom .

#CarteBlanche à Denise Wendel-Poray, qui invite @sandrokopp à la @galerierx, Paris ✨

« New Abstracts » by @sandrokopp
sous le commissariat de @wendelporay / #curated by @wendelporay
jusqu’au 25 septembre / until September 25th
📍 @galerierx – Paris

🇫🇷 : Une série de cinq nouvelles peintures abstraites de l’artiste allemand Sandro Kopp est exposée à la Galerie RX du Marais à partir du vendredi 3 septembre. Elles sont le résultat de sa collaboration au nouveau film de #WesAnderson, THE FRENCH DISPATCH, qui donne vie à une collection d’histoires tirées du dernier numéro d’un magazine américain publié dans une ville française fictive du XXe siècle.

🇬🇧 : On show at the Galerie RX Marais opening Friday 3 September are a series of five new abstract paintings by German artist Sandro Kopp. They are the result of his collaboration on Wes Anderson’s new film, THE FRENCH DISPATCH, which brings to life a collection of stories from the final issue of an American magazine published in a fictional 20th-century French city.
— #artwork : #SandroKopp, Study IV, 2021, Huile sur toile et technique mixte, 190 x 120 cm
✉ #request : Emmanuelle Pascual,


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